Billy Boy

Billy Boy is set in Whifflet, an industrial village in the Scottish Lowlands, near Glasgow. In 1865, a young Irish Catholic woman gives birth to Billy in the Old Monkland Poorhouse. Before she dies, she tells the priest that her son’s father is the late William Maclure, a prominent Orangeman. Billy’s Aunt Maggie saves him from the orphanage, raises him with kindness and teaches him tolerance, but he is pressured by the larger alienated society to make a choice between his two heritages. A hard life in the coal mine looms unless Billy follows his aunt’s advice and goes to University, but Billy follows his heart which leads him on the adventures of a lifetime.



My Blood is Royal

My Blood is Royal is an epic story of lovers torn asunder, family loyalties and betrayals, and one young woman’s undying dream of home. A scrappy Scottish lassie suffers eviction in 1860 from her highland croft but never gives up trying to prove her family as the rightful heirs to their Rannoch homeland.

The idea for this novel was conceived in the Old Monkland Cemetery, near Glasgow, where birth dates and early deaths carved into the crumbling monuments whispered to me the unsung courage of my ancestors. My grandparents’ stories, told to me in rich Scottish dialect, along with research trips to my homeland, helped me breathe life into the nineteenth-century world of My Blood is Royal.


My Blood is Royal

Hear Joyce sing
"My Ain Folk"

Lumpy Porridge
and Other Scottish Memories

by Scottish Author Joyce Milne D'Auria, contains reminiscences of an expat, living in Florida for the weather and visiting Scotland to nourish her roots from time to time. It's full of Scottish humor, Glesca' dialect, fish 'n chips, Mum's lumpy porridge; the lot, knowhitamean.

Lumpy Porridge and other Scottish Memories is a compilation of stories Joyce has written over several years, many of these have appeared in The Scottish Banner, a newspaper for expats distributed in North America and Australasia. They are humorous and poignant and uniquely Scottish in style and wit.





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Joyce at Pitlochrie, site of Rob Roy's burial place.

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